Legislation / Ethics

All teaching and research must be carried out in accordance with environmental legislative and ethical requirements. Staff and students must also remember that this does not just include what to consider during the actual teaching and research eg are the samples a protected species? It also includes ensuring any waste products that arise from the teaching and research are disposed of correctly eg chemicals, biological waste.

Enviromental Management at the University

Further information on environmental management and sustainability at the University can be found here.

Waste Disposal

The following table summarises how the different waste streams should be handled. Further advice can be sought from the Health and Safety Officer.

Chemicals Waste chemicals must be labelled and sent for waste chemical disposal unless the COSHH Form states that the chemicals can be disposed of down the sink or the normal waste bins.
Sharps Syringes / scalpel blades must be disposed of in a sharps bin.
Broken Glass Should be placed in ‘broken glass’ bins found in most labs before transferring to the external glass recycling bin. REMEMBER contaminated broken glass eg chemicals must be either washed before placing in the ‘broken glass’ bin or packaged safely and disposed of as chemical waste.
Scientific Equipment Careful consideration must be given as some equipment contains unusual materials eg mercury which requires specialist handling and disposal.
Radioactive Contact the Radiation Protection Officer ext 2524 for any waste known or suspected to contain radioactive material. The RPO will arrange its safe removal and disposal.
Asbestos Contact the Property and Campus Services (PACS) ext 2775 immediately if you find or suspect you have found waste containing asbestos. NEVER DISTURB IT.
Microbiological Autoclave waste before disposal.
Paper Recycle via the blue bins.
Electrical Equipment (excludes Scientific) Contact Property and Campus Services (PACS) ext 2775 for advice on the safe disposal of electrical equipment eg computers, fridges.