Information for Visitors

The College defines a visitor as:

‘anyone who is not a contracted employee or a registered student of Bangor University’

To ensure visitors are not exposed to risks to their health and safety the College requires its staff to provide visitors with all relevant health and safety information appropriate to the visit.

In return, and to support this process, the College relies on the visitor’s cooperation, with visitors expected to follow all University, College and School health and safety procedures to not only protect their health and safety, but that of others who could be placed at risk by their actions / inactions.

Safety Induction

In addition to being provided with a copy of the CoESE Health and Safety Handbook all visitors will be given a Safety Induction by the host member of staff. The Induction will provide specific safety information relevant to the visit and at which visitors will also receive a copy of the:

It is important that visitors understand all the information provided at the Safety Induction and ask for help / clarification from their host if necessary.