Overseas Travel

All CoESE staff and students must inform their Head of Schools Office before travelling overseas on University business and follow the University Overseas Travel Policy.

Please note that travel to countries or regions where the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) advises against all or all but essential travel is subject to strict controls and potentially lengthy authorisation processes. FCO Guidance must always be consulted well in advance of any planned visit and checked regularly right until departure to ensure that any problematic situation associated with a country has not worsened.


The University does provide travel insurance for staff and students travelling abroad on University business but this cover is not automatic and must be applied for before you travel. You must also be honest when applying for insurance, ensuring that you notify all activities you will undertake as part of both your leisure and academic time abroad. It is vital that you provide suitable contact details whilst abraod so that the College can contact you if required.

Risk Assessments

Before you can apply for travel insurance you must complete a Risk Assessment by assessing your leisure activities as well as those activities connected with your studies. This will help to ensure that you have adequate insurance cover and that your safety is protected whilst at leisure.

The following is an example risk assessment for low risk travel (e.g not involving fieldwork in a politically stable country with few serious endemic diseases):

Keeping Healthy Abroad

One of the main risks associated with overseas travel is disease, however, remember that with careful planning and care many diseases can be prevented or their severity reduced by means of vaccinations or oral prophylaxis. There are many organisations to guide you with regards to diseases and health risks associated with individual countries and that can provide you with information on immunisations, health issues, tailored health advice etc:

However, do remember that some vaccinations only provide protection for a limited time so check your vaccinations are up todate before travelling. In addition, vaccinations and oral prophylaxis often do not offer immediate portection so plan well ahead.

Undertaking Fieldwork Abroad

The Fieldwork Code of Practice must be followed if undertaking fieldwork abroad.