Specialist Laboratories

The College has a number of specialist laboratories where hazards not found in general labs may be present. To control the risks associated with these hazards and to comply with relevant legislation access controls and specific training requirements are in place forĀ  persons wishing to use such labs.

Radiation Laboratories

Access to radiation Laboratories is restricted to registered radiation workers. To apply to become a registered radiation worker please click here. Domestic staff are not permitted to access radiations labs and contractors and maintenance staff must be supervised by the appropriate Radiation Protection Supervisor (RPS) when working in radiation labs.

Category (containment level) 2 Microbiology Laboratories

Category 2 Microbiology laboratories are designed such that with the appropriate training and by following local rules persons may work safely with micro-organisms in ACDP hazard group 2. Such organisms are defined as:

A biological agent that can cause human disease and may be a hazard to employees; it is unlikely to spread to the community and there is usually an effective prophylaxis or effective treatment available.

The ACDP list of pathogens can be found here.

Access to category 2 microbiology labs is restricted to authorised personnel. Please contact the lab supervisor if you wish to work in a category 2 microbiology lab. Domestic staff are not permitted to access category 2 labs and contractors and maintenance staff must be supervised by a competent microbiologist when working in these labs.


The main hazards associated with working in aquaria are slipping on wet floors and electrocution. All persons working in aquaria must follow the CoESE code of Practice which can be found here. Workers must also familiarise themselves with the hazards posed by working with electrical appliances in aquaria and guidance can be found here.