Staff Responsibilities

The University owes a duty to each and every member of staff, individually and collectively, also we all owe a duty to each other and to ourselves. As a member of staff you are crucial in the success or otherwise of the institution and of its commitment to ensure that people are not made ill and are not harmed because of what it does or how it does it.

Bangor University expects every member of staff to work in the same physical and mental health as when they arrived – only a little more tired! Health and safety is crucial to this expectation and this section of the website provides more specific information which affects you as a member of staff.

Health and Safety Induction

All new University staff must attend the University Induction which includes some health and safety information. In addition, the employing College / School / Department must then ensure any new staff member receives a local health and safety induction before they start work. The induction should cover general information eg First Aid arrangements as well as the more detailed information relevant to the area to be worked in and the activities to be undertaken.

NOTE:Staff working at another organisation eg joint collaboration project must be provided with a suitable Safety Induction by the host organisation before they start work. As part of this process it is imperative staff notify their Bangor University Line Managers, Supervisors etc of any concerns regarding the host organisation immediately. This will ensure prompt action is taken.