The College of Environmental Sciences and Engineering has one of the largest groups of scientists involved in environmental research and teaching anywhere in Europe. Staff and students regularly work in tropical, temperate and Polar Regions and study environments ranging from the oceans, through forests and plains to the high alpine. The diversity of research and teaching activities brings with it an equally diverse range of associated hazards and risks.

The role of the CoESE Health and Safety Service is not to ensure that all such risks are eliminated since risk is part of everyday life and there is an element of risk associated with almost any activity you can think of. Instead, through the provision of guidance, training and advice the aim is to enable staff and students to manage and control risks to enable cutting edge research and innovative, hands on teaching to take place safely.

Excellence in teaching and research requires careful planning and aspects of Health and Safety should be considered early on in the planning process. For certain activities, specific Health and Safety legislation exists that places extra duties on employers. This can result in a fairly lengthy time period being required to sort out the required risk control measures, consents and associated paperwork. To avoid any disruption to proposed work it is essential that anyone planning the following activities familiarises themselves with the relevant policies and standards at the earliest opportunity and contacts the College Health and Safety Manager for guidance if required.

This website is under development, please contact the CoESE Health and Safety Manager if you cannot find the information you are looking for.

Material produced by Dr John Latchford (CoESE Health and Safety Manager) and Suzanne Barnes (Health and Safety Unit).