Workshops can be hazardous places. Hazards usually arise from the actual operation of the machines being used eg cuts, entrapment / crushing / entanglement in moving parts, abrasion / friction burns from contact with smooth surfaces moving at speed, ejection of materials. However, you must also remember the bi-products that may also be produced for example, dust, noise, fumes, vibration, contact with cutting oils.

Students or new staff must always consult with their Supervisor before working in the workshop. In general, if working in such places:

  • Never use equipment you are unsure of. If in doubt, ask
  • Wear PPE as directed eg gloves, safety glasses, hearing protection
  • Learn where isolation switches are
  • Never override machine guards
  • Tie long hair back
  • Remove jewellary that could get caught
  • Don’t wear loose fitting clothes that could get trapped
  • Report any equipment that is not operating correctly or appears to be damaged immediately – make sure no one else can use the machine by mistake
  • AND REMEMBER if you have any concerns that using machinery is affecting your health eg noise, dust please contact your Health and Safety Officer

Further information on machinery safety etc can be found on the Health and Safety Services Website under the A–Z of Health and Safety