Report an Accident or Concern

All accidents and incidents must be reported to your Supervisor / Line Manager who will decide what action needs to be taken and whether the CNS Health and Safety Officer needs to be informed of the accident / incident. However, no matter what the event, even if it is a near miss where damage or an injury could have occurred, an Accident and Incident Form must be completed with a copy sent to both the CNS H&S Officer and Health and Safety Services.

Forms currently have to be completed either by hand or electronically, however, Health and Safety Services is currently looking at ways to make reporting concerns and incidents easier which will hopefully result in on-line reporting.

If you feel a concern or an accident or incident needs to be dealt with immediately, please call the CNS Health & Safety Officer, or, if they are unavailable Health and Safety Services on ext 3847. In addition concerns which you would like investigated can be emailed to Health and Safety Services,

University Security can also assist in emergencies, so if you find yourself in a situation where you feel unsure what action to take as there is noone available to ask, contact Security on 333 immediately. They can then liaise with the Emergency Services, provide support, in addition to having emergency contact details for key members of staff.