Student Responsibilities

University is an important part of your life and your time here should be one of the best periods of your life. Your health, safety and well-being is of concern to the University and many things have been put in place to make your time here one that you remember for the good time you had and the education you received as opposed to memories of something that ‘went wrong.’

Health and Safety Induction:

Undergraduates / Postgraduates: The College H&S Officer will give undergraduates a Health and Safety Induction at the start of their first year and a separate, specific Induction to PhD students. However, Schools must then ensure this is supported with additional health and safety information, relevant to the modules being undertaken.

MRes / MSc etc: Schools must ensure such students are provided with an appropriate Health and Safety Induction, with additional health and safety information then provided as necessary throughout the student’s studies at the University.

NOTE: Students working at another organisation eg joint collaboration project must be provided with a suitable Safety Induction by the host organisation before they start work. As part of this process it is imperative students notify their Bangor University Supervisors etc of any concerns regarding the host organisation immediately. This will ensure prompt action is taken.