Out of Hours Working

Out of hours is defined as between 6:00pm and 8:00am (weekdays), all day Saturday and Sunday, and all day Bank Holidays and University holidays. This means a week or so at Christmas, Thursday to Tuesday (inclusive) at Easter, May Day, Whit Bank Holiday and August Bank Holiday. Read the CoESE Policy on Out of Hours Work in Laboratories.

NOTE:Work carried out on board the RV Prince Madog is not included in this out of hours working. Work in small boats, work at the Pier Pavilion, and loading or unloading the ship, is included.

General Security

When working out of hours, ensure external doors are kept locked and that windows and fire doors are closed when you finish work. Also check any equipment you have used, that can be switched off is switched off and that experiments involving chemical reactions have finished.

Swipe Cards

Lost swipe cards must be reported immediately to the School Safety Co-ordinator or Head of Laboratory Support, so that they can be cancelled. You can then obtain a new card from the Deiniol Library.

Cards are only valid for 7 days at a time, they auto-renew when they are presented to a main door reader. During this updating process you will see the reader flash a blue light. Continue to hold your card to the reader until you see a green or red light. Green will indicate you are allowed to enter.

Permission to Work Out of Hours

Anyone (staff and students) working out of hours must have written permission for all work to be carried out out of hours with some activities and working periods restricted to staff and students with a certain level of experience eg PhD. A risk assessment must be completed for the work, and the hazards of any lone working addressed in the risk assessment.

Signing in and out is imperative and failure to do so may result in out of hours permission being withdrawn. If in a building at 6pm and not about to leave, the out of hours book MUST be signed. In addition, if leaving one building to go to another, sign out from the building being left and sign in at the building being entered.

For work in labs (Period B), aquaria or in the field, you must phone Security (ex 2795) before starting and when finishing.

Further Guidance