Safety in Offices

The main hazards in offices are those associated with using computers and other Display Screen Equipment (DSE) and slips trips and falls.

Slips and falls may seem a trivial problem to many but it’s worth noting that over 11,000 people were seriously injured at work in 2007 as a result of a trip or fall, prompting the HSE to launch a campaign to reduce such accidents. (Link to HSE Shattered Lives Campaign).

The risks of slipping, tripping and falling in offices can be controlled by simple common sense measures which are outlined in a general risk assessment for office work which can be found here.

People using computers can develop various problems including headaches, eyestrain and various upper limb disorders including repetitive strain injury (RSI). Some of these illnesses can be quite serious but are avoidable if the right equipment is purchased; the workstation is set up correctly and work patterns sensible.

CoESE follows the University's Safe Use of Computer (DSE) Policy to ensure DSE users are able to work without risk to their health.  The link also takes you to information about the free eye test which DSE Users may apply for and a wealth of information regarding setting up workstations correctly and practical hints and tips about looking after yourself when using DSE.

All staff working on DSE need to complete a compulsory on-line DSE Training and DSE Self-Assessment Form, this will enable you to identify any problems. In addition, your School will also have its’ own DSE Assessor who will be able to help you.